Mindset is 98% of Your Success

You must balance inner and outer work to run a successful business, period. When you’re working with a coach, it’s ideal that mindset be a focus of your time together, but the fact is some coaches focus solely on outer strategies and systems and don’t work with clients to address the blocks that keep them …


Don’t Get Stuck in The How For Filling a Program (Or How I Made Over 20K With My Recent Launch Breaking Lots of Rules)

When you set intentions for manifesting something in your business it’s easy to allow yourself to get stuck in the how. I want to share with you a little about how I approached the launch of my hybrid group program. I wanted 20 people for the program for which it would be aligned for their …


How to use your story to connect with your prospects

Building an abundant business requires you to carefully consider how you position yourself when you’re speaking to your prospects. It’s important to be seen as an expert in your field – absolutely, but it’s essential to share your expertise in a way that people see you as a real person – one they can relate …


Trying To Please Others Does Not Work

When I was a child I was bullied for being different and I spent so many years trying to alter myself in order to please others. Not only did it not really work, it ended up leaving me with a very negative self image and a sense of having no idea who I really was. …



Lets talk about the should or should nots around communicating on social media. Vulnerability is really great if it has a strategy behind it and it connects you with people offering them something that can help them learn or grow. For example, your story and the things you have overcome to get where you are …


Nobody Can Hire You If They Don’t Know What You Do

As an Intuitive Business Coach I have noticed one of the most common reasons that many very talented entrepreneurs (especially, healers, Intuitive coaches, and other spiritual entrepreneurs) is because they are not clearly communicating what problems they solve with their work and for whom. Thus their ideal clients are not aware that they could help …