Your Integrity is Everything

Your prospects are watching you right now. Even if they’re not interacting with you. They’re out there, and they notice how you carry yourself online. When you run an online business, all you have is your reputation. So no matter what point you’re at, always strive to put your best self out there. Be kind. …


Testing Niche Viability

Good Ways to Test if You Have a Clear and Viable Niche as a Coach, Healer, or Intuitive Having a really clear niche can really help you attract clients much easier in your business. The definition that I use for niche is the particular problem or problems you solve for a certain group of people …


How to Sincerely Welcome Success into Life

Recently I have noticed a big trend of people either protesting the prevalence of overnight success stories or defending them. There was a controversial article about it written yesterday. Here is my take on it. Sharing ones success story if it is true is inspirational because lets face it, even if our why is to make …


Success Starts from Consistency

Small consistent daily actions leads to success in business For example meditating for 15 mins a day Mindset work 5 mins a day And taking 25 mins a day every day to write a post, offer value and engage a little in Facebook groups can lead to growth for your business The key is consistency …


Why You Should Choose a Niche

I have noticed that there is a trend among spiritual heart-centered entrepreneurs avoiding getting specific about who they serve and what problem do they fix for them. People pay for solutions to their problems. So even though your services may offer much more than just a solution to a specific problem, it is really important …


Life Is A Journey

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Are you creating programs?

One of the things I have noticed with many newer entrepreneurs in the realms of healing, intuitive work, and even coaching that I have worked with is when I begin working with them they have not created programs before. In my personal opinion, healers, intuitives, and transformational coaches are some of the most needed people …