Doing This Can Cause Your Clients to Lose Faith in You…

Doing This Can Cause Your Clients to Lose Faith in You…

Do you know how your clients and potential clients perceive you?

When we go out in the “real world” we tend to take great care of how we look and what we do.

If you’ve ever experienced working in an office, you probably made sure that you dressed appropriately for your workplace.

You took time to look neat and tidy. You made sure that you arrived at the office on time.

When you have a business that operates mainly in the online world, it’s easy to forget all about these details but they still count for a lot!

This is true no matter what kind of business you run or who you serve.

What I’m going to say next may not be something you want to hear but I’m going to say it anyway because it’s the truth…

Perception is often more powerful than reality.

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You may be the kindest, most talented spiritual entrepreneur in the world but if you turn up to meet a client looking tired and disheveled, your client is likely to feel very uncomfortable.

If you have agreed to meet on a video call at a specific time but you are late, you cancel at the last minute or don’t show up at all, it’s unlikely that your client will be booking in with you again.

These are details in the grand scheme of running a successful business but they matter a great deal.

When you ignore or don’t pay attention to these details, you can deeply damage the faith your clients have in you and your ability to help them whether that’s with a psychic or tarot reading, intuitive coaching or any other service or program that you offer.

So make the effort to project the right energy of service and professionalism to your clients.

When you truly care about your work, this is not hard to do.

Your clients are relying on you to help them and they need to feel safe and taken care of. They need to know that you are there for them no matter what else is going on.

Do remember that even though your heart is in the right place, it’s crucial that your clients and the world, see you as the gifted, spiritual, professional entrepreneur that you are.

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Don’t let oversights and avoidable mistakes stand between you and a successful spiritual business that has a long waiting list of happy, eager clients.


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