Why Expressing Who You Truly Are Will Create Momentum and Magic in Your Spiritual Business…

Why Expressing Who You Truly Are Will Create Momentum and Magic in Your Spiritual Business…

unnamed-11Expressing yourself as a spiritual entrepreneur is a lot more complicated than for most other people.

You may feel afraid or doubtful about how you come across if you give voice to what you’re thinking and feeling.

“What if they think I’m too ‘woo woo’?”

“What if they make fun of me?”

“What if they’re upset with what I say?”

Spirituals are highly averse to confrontation and they’ll do almost anything to blend in or “fit in” with the crowd.

You fear that speaking your truth or standing by what you believe will cause others to feel angry or dislike you.

Now, I won’t lie. This could happen.

But you need to know that part of the journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur with a 6, 7 or even 8-figure business, includes learning how to express your authentic self even if doing so invites questions or confrontations now and again.  

It’s important to know that the power behind your business and the fuel that drives it forward is YOU — your energy and your authentic self.

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This is true whether you’re just starting out or even if you’ve already achieved a certain level of success.

When you hold yourself back or you stifle your voice in an attempt to avoid “rocking the boat” or being too different, you will also end up diluting the very power that will create success in your business.

To avoid this, set the intention to become aware of how you feel, act and react as an entrepreneur.

Are you denying or dismissing your gifts, or your intuitive or psychic powers because you want to appear “professional?”

Do you find yourself getting caught up in following cookie cutter strategies or steps so you can be more like that successful business coach, author or “guru” you admire?

So many of the gifted, talented entrepreneurs I know end up stifling their business without even realizing it because they have an overwhelming need to “fit in”.

There is little o no expansion in their business because they hold their voice in check and keep their thoughts and opinions bottled up.

So their business stays small, confined and “bottled up” too.

This is why it is crucial to honor the essence of who you truly are and your spiritual nature when you run your business. It is the part of you that generates the energy and the ideas that will create momentum and magic for you.

You’ll find that when you learn to express yourself fully, authentically and confidently, your business will flow smoothly to the next level and beyond.

Expressing your authentic self is the secret that will allow you to achieve the success and abundance you desire with so much more ease and fulfillment.

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  • October 25, 2016

    Wow!!! I felt like you was talking directly to me, I’m on the move now, I have done all of the above believing it was right to take advice from others that have a ‘business head’ rather than being true to me, my authenticity is starting to have a greater appearance 😊

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