Is Fear Holding You Back From Creating a Successful Spiritual Business?

Is Fear Holding You Back From Creating a Successful Spiritual Business?

dk-blog-3Fear is behind so many of the problems and challenges conscious, spiritual entrepreneurs struggle with everyday…

You avoid stepping up and speaking your truth because you’re fearful someone might be offended or disapprove of what you have to say.

You don’t reach out to people who may be happy to help you because you’re afraid to bother them.

You don’t ask for what you want and need because you’re scared you’re being selfish.

I struggled with these types of fears for a long time and it kept me from expanding my business and reaching my money goals.

I’m going to be very honest here about achieving business success as a spiritual entrepreneur…

If you want to reach more people and make tons of money, you have to be willing to take action — even when you are scared.

I’ll go so far as to say that you should take action especially when you’re scared…

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This is because when that feeling of fear arises, it means that the path ahead is outside your comfort zone.

It means you now have the opportunity to rise up and expand into a bolder, stronger version of yourself.

It is absolutely normal to feel scared or uncomfortable when you are doing new things but I’ve seen too many spiritual entrepreneurs hold back. They stop at the very edge of their comfort zone because they’re scared. So they don’t move into growth and success.

Do you feel this way?

If you recognize that you’re not having the impact and income that you are capable of and you sense that you are not reaching your highest potential, it’s because you are not taking action to move toward your goals and dreams.

You do not have to do anything that is out of alignment for you but so many spiritual entrepreneurs are procrastinating on the very things they know could bring them success.

Ask yourself if you are avoiding doing certain tasks because you feel scared. If the answer is yes, commit to moving through the fear and into bold action.

This action could be anything.

It may look like recording videos, hosting a webinar, starting a Facebook group, creating an opt in, making an offer or hosting a workshop.

The key is to get out of your head and the endless cycle of overthinking things and into movement. Taking action is the only way to get past the fear and ignite powerful momentum in your business.

You cannot succeed if you aren’t willing to move forward and stretch beyond your comfort zone.  

I have been down this path and from personal experience I can tell you it feels so much better when you just do “that scary thing” and get it over with.

You’ll feel so much relief and when you look back, you’ll realize that you survived. Nothing bad happened. In fact, it often goes way better than you think it will.

There’s another massive benefit…

When you commit and keep taking action, the Universe will be there to support you with unexpected help and opportunities.

So here’s something to think about: what have you been avoiding that you will commit to taking action on?

When you’ve identified what that is, go ahead and take action on it. I promise you’ll feel so good about yourself when you do.

If fear is seriously holding you back, do some grounding and releasing with my cleansing Chakra Illumination Meditation.

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