Want to Make Clear, Confident Decisions in Your Spiritual Business? Here’s What You Need to Do…

Want to Make Clear, Confident Decisions in Your Spiritual Business? Here’s What You Need to Do…


Being decisive is a hallmark of being a leader in your business but just about every spiritual entrepreneur I know experiences discomfort when it’s time to make a decision.

Even the smallest choices can create feelings of unease…

From deciding which restaurant to go to for dinner to making a decision on something far more complicated like whether you should leave your job and become a full time entrepreneur.

I used to be quite indecisive. I often second-guessed myself and searched for external validation before I made up my mind and it began to affect my business.

Decisions are a part of life as an entrepreneur and not being able to make them, quickly and firmly, can cost you a lot when you’re running your own business.

I finally overcame my uncertainty and doubt when I discovered the root cause behind my hesitation around making decisions.

I realized that I was not tuning into my intuition when I had to make a business decision.

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I had an inner belief that business decisions had to be driven purely by the rational “left brain.” I was denying my natural intuitive abilities as a spiritual entrepreneur and this left me feeling uncomfortable and uncertain.

I’ve found that many of the spiritual and conscious entrepreneurs that I coach share this same challenge.

You may find yourself pulled in different directions because your head is telling you to do one thing but your intuition is guiding you down a different path.

As a spiritual entrepreneur, you are naturally intuitive. That feeling of discomfort and disconnection happens when you ignore this inner knowing that comes through, from your Higher Self.

This is the part of you that knows more than you could ever hope to comprehend with your conscious mind.

If you feel anxious or worried about allowing yourself to be guided by your intuition in business, I suggest that you do what I did.


Hone your intuitive skills on smaller, safer decisions. You could try using your intuition to make a decision about what you should have for lunch.

Maybe you can try to intuitively decide if it would be best to watch a movie at home or go out with friends.

When you learn to tune into your intuition and feel it in your body, you will easily understand the subtle signals and the true meaning of the messages you receive.  

This will help you feel confident about any decision that you need to make.

Just to be clear, there’s nothing wrong with falling back on left-brain methods like the “pros and cons” list when it’s time to make a decision.

But for empaths, spirituals and conscious entrepreneurs like us, feeling aligned is a very important part of being able to move forward and take action.

So your intuition cannot be left out of the equation.

When you keep practicing using your intuition, you will soon find that it’s not that hard to make important decisions that will attract more abundance and benefits to your business.

You’ll feel relaxed and confident knowing that the decisions you make are always aligned with who you truly are and what is best for your business.

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