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Creating a life you love and a successful business that aligns with your deepest desires may feel like a far-off fantasy to you right now …

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There are strategic steps + intuitive insights you can use to grow a beautifully aligned, multiple 6 or 7-figure business that gives you more freedom… Not less.

My methods are transformational and they’re anything but ordinary.

As a Success Priestess and Intuitive Business Coach, I’ve helped countless spiritual, conscious, creative entrepreneurs to elevate, expand and align with their soul purpose, live their destiny and accelerate their path to unbelievable levels of wealth and business success.

When you rise to a higher vibration, embody your true values and expand to achieve your highest potential…

Magic happens.

If you’re ready to experience what it feels like to finally achieve financial and personal freedom…

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TESTIMONIAL by Annelise Woitulewicz

I thought I was pretty clear on my direction but I was wrong! In a recent session with Dana, she definitely saw what was holding me back that I didn’t even realize! She was able to tap into my energy and guide me to a new level of clarity giving me the power to lead my messaging in a whole new way that is in alignment with my values. Dana opened up an entire new field of possibility that I had previously shut down thinking it was out of integrity.
Now, I not only feel 100% aligned in all ways, I have never felt better about the direction I am taking in my business. Thank you so much Dana!!!

There was so much goodness that came out of our session together that I’m still coming down from the high and the session was 4 days ago!

TESTIMONIAL by Christian Marie Herron

I recently worked with Dana Kalin Narayanappa because I was ready to change up my offerings and the way I worked. She has the magical ability to create the containers I needed in the form of packages and services that feel really good.

She did this by connecting with my energy and kept me from circling around what I had been reluctant to claim which is that I am more than just a “storyteller”, I am an Intuitive Business Coach. Words are important to me, but so is the potential of my clients and I love drawing that out naturally and in ways that align with their soul and their business.

Probably the most powerful shift for me since working with Dana is really stepping into my intuitive abilities more fully by incorporating self-guided visualizations that I do right before I meet with clients. Super powerful!

It’s rare that people “get me” in the sense of who I am and my work. So appreciative of you Dana!